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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: html entities and urls with spaces
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2008 10:02:35 GMT
Brendan Martens wrote:
>>> I am migrating this site from an older RHEL server where it works fine.
>>> I am migrating to a Debian server with up to date Debian packages of
>>> apache2, tomcat5, and java6.
For all their perceived faults, it is unlikely that Debian packagers 
would package mutually incompatible versions of Apache, Tomcat, Java, 
and mod_jk.  They may do funny things with the locations of files, but 
incompatible versions is something I have not seen often yet.
As to "up-to-date", that is another question.  The versions of Apache, 
Tomcat, Java and mod_jk might not be the latest ones available on the 
respective "original" sites for all these packages. (*)
So it might help if you tracked down which exact version of each is 
really installed on your system, and listed them.
Like :
uname -a
java -version
for the version of Apache and mod_jk, look at the first line that Apache 
writes to it error.log file when it starts.
For the precise version of Tomcat ?...

This being said, for Apache/mod_jk/Tomcat, the respective probabilities 
of configuration errors versus incompatible versions would be something 
like 100 to 1.

(*) That is because it takes time and work to prepare packages, and make 
sure that the individual components that are supposed to work together 
really do. And by the time that is done, it might well be that a new 
original version of one of the individual packages has come to be available.

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