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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: hello world
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2008 07:09:11 GMT
Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: news [] On Behalf Of thufir
>> Subject: Re: hello world
>> If Apache installs then why not tomcat?
> Apache is a software organization with numerous products; if by "Apache" you mean httpd,
it may be because the 3rd-party developers are more familiar with it so less likely to screw
it up.  For Tomcat, they seem to take great delight in scattering its files all over, using
symlinks to try to link it all back up, along with highly modified startup/shutdown scripts
that add minor niceties but break anything but basic operation.
> Use a real Tomcat, and see what happens.
>  - Chuck
I usually do not agree with Chuck on the subject of the 
benefits/inconvenients of third-party Tomcat packages.

But I must admit that, concerning Tomcat 5.x and Debian/Ubuntu, I do 
agree with the comment above.  The packager in that instance seems to 
have a great imagination and a lot of fun scattering Tomcat all over the 
place, in a way that makes it hard even to find out where to begin 
unraveling the spaghetti-bowl of symlinks and directories.

Apparently, for Tomcat5.5, it is even so that installing the basic 
Tomcat5.5 package (tomcat5.5) results in a Tomcat which starts up, but 
answers with a blank page and an error 400 "no Host matches servername 
localhost" when you try to access it via localhost:8180 (although there 
is only one <Host> in server.xml, named "localhost").

You need to install the additional package tomcat5.5-webapps (which 
installs the webapps in some base directory different from Tomcat 
itself) to start seeing something (the basic Tomcat Welcome page).

I kind of imagine that this is because if Tomcat starts, but has 
absolutely no documents or applications to serve in its document root, 
it answers with that cryptic error message.

Now rather than recriminating at aeternum, does anyone know how to track 
down said packager, so that maybe he could come here and see the errors 
of his ways, or at least explain his logic here ? Same as for Debian 
Tomcat5.5 itself, I haven't a clue where to start.

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