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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6 HTTP / HTTP SSL Connector Port - Configuration Verification
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2008 21:45:56 GMT
Gauss wrote:
>>>From the Apache Tomcat server I can access my webapp via SSL/443 using
> localhost and/or the server's LAN IP address.
> No errors in the logfile.
> More and more, this problem looks like a firewall/port blocking issue.
Yes, it probably is. Also check the Windows Firewall, if it might be 
enabled on this machine. And check the extended properties of your 
network interfaces, to see if there are not any ports blocked there.
(right-click on a network connection, properties, scroll down for 
TCP/IP, click "extended")

A tip to save you further grief maybe down the line :
The standard installation of Tomcat under Windows installs it to run 
under the user-id "LocalSystem".  That is a special user-id which has 
extended rights on the local machine, but no rights at all to access 
Windows network resources.
My suggestion is to obtain from your sysadmins a Domain user-id (and one 
for which the password does not automatically "age" and become invalid), 
possibly adding this user-id to the Local Administrators group (so that 
you do not run into issues using ports below 1024), and change the 
user-id under which the Tomcat Service runs, to run under that one.
This will allow you, should the need arise in the future, to give your 
Tomcat access to Windows Domain network resources.

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