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From André Warnier>
Subject request for servlet filter
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2008 13:32:25 GMT

In a Tomcat servlet application context, I use the jCIFS filter (see to perform Windows NTLM authentication of IE clients.
It works well.

However, to work around a problem of browsers not being set up properly, 
I would need a servlet filter inserted *before* jCIFS in the chain, 
which would :
- detect if a client attempts a Basic (or Digest) authentication
- if yes, either return a static non-no html page top the client 
immediately as a response, or re-direct the client to such a page (1)
- if no, then simply let the request through to jCIFS and the application

I can write such a servlet filter myself, but if it already exists I 
might as well save myself the time.

Would anyone know if such a module is already available ?

In principle, I have a preference for a filter that would be 
light-weight and do approximatively the above and nothing much else, but 
something usable under Tomcat and offering capabilities similar to the 
mod_rewrite module of Apache would also interest me.

Since in this case I also have an Apache http front-end, I could use 
mod_rewrite in the front-end to do it, but I prefer for maintenance 
reasons to keep everything related in one place.

(1) and, as a subsidiary question, what would the Tomcat gurus here 
suggest as the best alternative between these two ?

Thanks in advance,

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