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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: apache and tomcat version
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2008 21:50:25 GMT wrote:
> Does Tomcat do the same thing as Apache? ie http; as well as the bonus of
> java?
> I am using PhP, and would to like to also have Java/AJAX?J2EE on my web
> page, and I am not sure if I need both Apache and Tomcat, or can just use
> Tomcat? (I dont know if it will do everything that Apache does plus more?)
the way your question is asked, it is not certain that using Tomcat 
would really bring you any advantage.  Can you explain what you mean 
exactly by "have Java/AJAX?J2EE on my web page" ?
What do you want to achieve ?

To give you a quick overview :

Both Apache and Tomcat are free and open source software; they are both 
developed by volonteers, who do this for fun (and sometimes hubris). 
They are both impressive, powerful pieces of software, and are both used 
by thousands of websites.
Both Apache and Tomcat can act as webservers, to serve static html 
pages, images and other documents. Both Apache and Tomcat can deliver to 
your browser html pages containing "Java applets", which are small Java 
programs which run in your browser and on your web page.
But the way Apache and Tomcat work inside is very different, and their 
configurations are also very different (*).
Tomcat can run applications written in Java, on the server side (that's 
where J2EE lives); Apache cannot do that.  On the other hand, there are 
many things that Apache can do easily, which are a lot more complicated 
to do with Tomcat. For example processing PHP instructions embedded in 
html pages on the server side, or running perl cgi-bin scripts.
Apache and Tomcat can also work together and split the work between 
them, but you have to add and configure a connector for that.
Both have a good user support list, this one for Tomcat and 
"" for Apache. The people on both are very helpful, even 
to beginners.  But the ones on this list sometimes have a tendency to be 
a bit elitist (talking about classes all the time) and sometimes obscure 
(contexts, objects, factories, etc.. ).
Ajax has not much to do with either Apache or Tomcat. It is javascript 
code that runs in the browser, not on the server.  But you can use html 
pages with Ajax stuff with both Tomcat and Apache, from that point of 
view it's the same.

(*) For example, Apache has basically one configuration file, written as 
plain text; Tomcat has many configuration files all over the place, and 
they are written in XML.  For example also, it takes 2 lines to create a 
couple of Apache logfiles, and what is in them is usually quite clear; 
in Tomcat, it takes .. many lines to create a logfile; you gets lots of 
them, but what is in them is more difficult to read.

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