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From Dave Miller <>
Subject Xmx being ignored
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2008 03:58:47 GMT
Hello -

I am trying to restrict the heap available to Tomcat 6. It is running on Fedora 8. I have
tried  to set -Xmx every way that I can think of and yet Tomcat grows to 3 times the heap
allotted. While I understand that -Xmx != total memory commitment, 3X makes me think that
I'm not getting this. Help with the following questions would be appreciated:
1. Is there a way to check if the flag has been set (ps shows the -Xmx as part of the command
and throws no exception, but...).
2. Is 3X -Xmx normal? If so, what's the outer limit?
3. Other than via the command line, bash_profile and is there some fool proof
way to set Xmx.
4. Is there another way to restrict memory use (ulimit and limits.conf have been tried without

Thanks for the help.

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