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From Barry Fawthrop <>
Subject Remote RSS Feeds
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2008 20:00:16 GMT
My very first JSP application
(perhaps too much for my first app.)

Trying setup and home portal page.
That reads three remote RSS feeds (news, weather, etc...)
It will work for the first few seconds and then stops.

I have to restart the tomcat 6.0.18 server and then it all works again..

(1) Tried using my own DocumentBuilder.parse
(2) Using  rssutils.tld

Both Report FileNotFoundException.

As I say it works, and then stops So it's not a code issue.

It would appear to me, that it remembers the connection and the blocks
that connection after it closes.

I have tried connecting and then waiting and connecting again. Thinking
that the RSS site only allows a one connection within one second.
So it's not that.

It appears more that the connection stays open or is blocked from making
a second connection.

Any help Please!!

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