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From albrecht andrzejewski <>
Subject How to "manually" undeploy a webapp in tomcat ?
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2008 20:10:46 GMT
Hi everyone,

My question is simple: when i was upgrading a webapp, i used to stop  
tomcat, replace my old war file with the new one using some unix  
command, and re start the tomcat server.

But i noticed that the files under  
/catalina_home/work/Catalina/localhost/nameofwebapp/ are not updated  
when tomcat redeploy the new war file, causing my context.xml to be  

It is especially unfair because my context.xml contain my jndi  
ressources, and it cannot more access neither the mail, neither the  

Is there any "proper" solution to undeploy manually a webapp ( i don't  
want to use the manager webapp). And I don't know how to use Ant - so  
i would prefer a unix-shell-only solution.

I think about deleting all the files under  
/Catalina/localhost/nameofwebapp/ but  i'm afraid to miss something.

Créateur - Incubateur Technologique
SITE-EERIE - Parc scientifique G. Besse

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