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From <>
Subject RE: apache/modjk behaviour during shutdown
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2008 13:30:24 GMT
> > Would the same hold true for requests that is currently being 
> > processed by the tomcat. Would apache wait for the tomcat 
> threads send 
> > via modjk to complete before terminating them?
> > 
> Nope. mod_jk has no clue about Tomcat's threads.
> Httpd will unload (any) mod_jk module when the current
> request(s) is finished (even adding Connection: close to the 
> outgoing headers). If the requests are taking too much time 
> they are forcibly closed then, so the presumption that the 
> current requests will be handled is only true for 'normal' requests.
> Regards

Thanks Mladen,

Is "too much time" a configurable parameter and what constitutes a
normal request. Our application can take anything from 250ms to 2seconds
to return an reply. I am guessing that requests that takes 2 seconds
will probably be orphaned when the apache_httpd server is shutdown
because they take to longer.


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