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From jaki <>
Subject Re: JVM config for tomcat5.5
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2008 08:57:17 GMT

Hi all, 
One more thing I wanted clarification on..Is it necessary that catalina.home
system property is always set for a tomcat install? Cause trying to retrieve
it from within a java class gives me null. But I can also find it being
referenced in many of the config files, so any help on where the value for
that is coming from would be a big help too. Thanks

awarnier wrote:
> Markus Schönhaber wrote:
>> Martin Gainty:
> [...]
> I think the main issue (which has also been touched in several other 
> threads recently) is some level of confusion with the Tomcat Windows 
> Installer, and what one finds oneself with in the Tomcat_install_dir/bin 
> directory in that case.
> Instead of having the "normal" series of, 
>, etc.. files in Tomcat/bin, you only find a 
> tomcat(x).exe and a tomcat(x)W.exe there, basically.
> No trace of an explicit command "$JAVA -jar bootstrap.jar ..." kind of 
> command, no script with a path to the Java being used etc..
> It works very well in terms of running Tomcat as a Windows Service, but 
> it seems that as soon as people try to add some external things, they 
> get very confused as to where things are.
> One has to dig quite a bit to figure out that this tomcat(x).exe is in 
> fact an instance of "procrun" (or rather "prunsrv" ?), belonging to the 
> Apache Commons Daemon module, which does some (relatively unexplained) 
> wizardry to wrap up a Java from somewhere (also rather unexplained) with 
> the Tomcat executable and make it act as a Windows Service.
> (See
> If one of the experts on the subject were to provide some clearer 
> explanation of this whole thing, it would be nice.
> P.S.
> Not to make too fine a point about it, but the above looks to me eerily 
> similar to the case where users install a "non official" pre-packaged 
> version of Tomcat under Linux. ;-)
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