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From DeanM <>
Subject How to redirect a web page from Tomcat to your browser?
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2008 15:35:47 GMT

This question's probably been asked a hundred times but it's new to me and I
haven't found anything directly helpful in my newbieness. I have a servlet
running on Tomcat on a remote machine. The application is a web site. What I
want to do is have some links on the index page that go to a secure server
out in The Great Cloud Of The Intertubes. Now I can't just put plain html
links on the index page, because then if you click on them, naturally your
browser will go to the secure server to try and get pages from it. The way
the secure server is set up, it looks at the requesting IP address and if
you're not on the invite list, then you don't get in. The remote machine
with the Tomcat server on it has an approved IP address, so the secure
server will talk it, just not to me here as my IP is different.

So, question is, how do I set up a mechanism so that you click on a link on
the index page for the URL you want, Tomcat takes this and sends the request
to the secure server, the secure server sends the page(s) back to Tomcat and
then Tomcat throws it at your browser?

Thanks for any help on this. 
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