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Subject Applications/software for Tomcat 6 / PhP
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2008 10:27:34 GMT
I hope I have asked the right forum for this question. Im not rechnical so
anying in simple terms would be greatly appreciated.

I am having a auction website built in PhP, using a sun coolthreads server
and Solaris 10 and wish to implement a SUN optimised AMP stack (Apache,
MySQl 64bit, PhP), as well as adding to it Tomcat 6.

My questions are:

Can anyone recommend LEADING edge/ BLEEDING edge apps/software which will
work on Tomcat 6.x.x.x. ? PhP or J2EE/Java/AJAX stuff

My Auction site will also have blogs (looking at Apache ROLLER or
WordPress unless someone can recommend something better?) as well as
pushing auction updates to clients (asynchronous, web-based push of
presentation changes to the client browser based on server-side events). I
am looking at AJAX push technology unless someone can
recommend something else? however I believe this requires NIO or comet or
something, which I believe is called MINA under apache?? So I am guessing
I need to install MINA as well to Tomcat?

I also wish to have desktop widgets (someone can select the
auction/picture, drag onto desktop and continue to watch it with browser
closed). Can anyone recommend any app's/software or prebuilt widgets which
works on mutiple platforms? Hoping to eventually leverage off the Icefaces
AJAX technology and send auction status updates to the widget

If anyone has any knowledge or thoughts they wish to share, I would
greatly appreciate it.

Many Thanks,


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