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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 5.5 / Windows / procrun ?
Date Sun, 21 Sep 2008 20:43:39 GMT
> From: André Warnier []
> Subject: Tomcat 5.5 / Windows / procrun ?
> - the installer for Windows installs a version of Tomcat 5.5 devoid of
> the usual "", "" etc.. and instead just
> installs a couple of files in Tomcat_home\bin, of which a tomcat5.exe
> (which seems to be the Tomcat executable), and a tomcat5w.exe which is
> the Windows GUI allowing to configure the Tomcat service..

I also find it extremely annoying that the scripts are not provided in the .exe version, and
that the .exe installs Tomcat in a different location than the .zip download.

> It also contains a file "service.bat" which is described nowhere

It's described here:
which is reachable from the Setup section of the doc.

> which leads to a page mentioning "procrun 1.0", but in
> the same breath indicating that it is now obsolete.

Not sure why it says obsolete (current version is 1.0.1), since I think everything in there
is still accurate, although the tomcat5w.exe program provides a much easier mechanism to change
the parameters.

> But I found nowhere a link to download this procrun in binary form.

That's an unfortunate issue.  You can find binaries for various Windows flavors here:
(Change the name of the executables to tomcat5*.exe for the older level.)

Other than stumbling across that link in this mailing list, I don't know any way of finding
that location.

> (Or else this tomcat5.exe is not really java  packaged as a
> service, but just a stub pointing to an installed Java jvm dll).

That is correct.  The tomcat5.exe program is just another Java launcher that uses JNI to access
the JVM, which is installed as several DLLs (not just jvm.dll).  It's very similar to the
plain java.exe launcher, except it handles additional, service-specific parameters.

> - the documentation of this procrun (or whatever is related to it for
> Tomcat), on the Tomcat site, is out-of-date and does not match the
> version of procrun that is being used above.

Actually, I think it's pretty close.

> - the procrun program is a general utility that allows to
> take any Java program (or any program ?) and turn it into
> a Windows service.

Just Java programs.

> - and I don't have a clue as to what jsvc may be for.

jsvc is just a Linux/UNIX program that starts with superuser privileges so it can bind to
low ports, then switches to the desired userid to run the designated Java program.  Without
it, you'll need to play games with iptables or run Tomcat as root (highly undesirable) in
order to use ports 80 and 443.

 - Chuck

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