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From Thangavel Sankaranarayanan <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Service is stopped automatically???
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2008 11:04:59 GMT
Thanks ,

No information from logs(tomcat as well as applicatoin logs)

System Event logs shows:
"The Apache Tomcat Service has terminated unexpectedly.It has done this 7
time(s).The following Corrective Action will be taken in 0 milliseconds:No

On making Netstat -an
Only tomcat listens to the particular port...

Thangavel Sankaranarayanan

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From: "Thangavel Sankaranarayanan" <>
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Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008 9:08 AM
Subject: Tomcat Service is stopped automatically???

> Hi,
> I have a problem with tomcat 4.1.27.
> Operating system is Windows2000.
> I am running tomcat as a window service.
> The problem is tomcat service is automatically stopped.There is no clues
> found in logs and what be the best solution for it.Please suggest any
> methods other than Tomcat upgradation to higher version...
> Regards,
> Thangavel Sankaranarayanan

It sounds like something that has just started recently....
You need to check all the WINDOWS system logs as well...

And when TC stops... open the WINDOWS service manager and see if it really
has stopped...probably not.

I suspect you have an agressive port stealing app on the server....
something else is on the same port as Tomcat...
Maybe another server also on port 80, or something like Skype...

netstat -noa will let you check out all the services and their ports on the


It may be something more subtle... like you have the service setup as Bob
and then you starting it as Admin... (System), so any apps looking at user
are getting diff locations and the WebApps themselves dont know whats going


I dont think its TC... its an issue with the service setup on the
my guess ;)

If this is not right then try describe when it shuts down.... as it starts,

after 5 mins, it works when logged on by not when no user logged on... give

us a clue ;)

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