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From Thangavel Sankaranarayanan <>
Subject Problem with in Synchronized methods in Tomcat 4.x
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2008 10:12:51 GMT

Hi ,

I have problem with Synchronized methods in Tomcat 4.x...

Problem Details:
When a user clicks the submit button:
(Assume for 1st user the thread created by tomcat =thread1)...thread1
starts executing a Synchronized method.

After number of session in my application has reached in some point of
time..... the synchronized method is not executed and  the system hangs
waiting to execute that method.....

I could'nt make a thread dump as my tomcat is started as  a window
service.What can i do at this point of time??

Can any one tell a generic solution when a synchronized method is not
executed....(I hope some other thread has not released the object and hence
it hangs....)
Can this be attributed as a problem with tomcat,,,,(or)JDK 1.4???? No clues
to proceed further..

Thangavel Sankaranarayanan

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