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From Thomas Haines <>
Subject Re: HOW TO install/setup 2 instances of tomcat on same server
Date Sun, 24 Aug 2008 14:10:57 GMT
Hi edponce

> so if i understood everything i just need to duplicate the tomcat  
> folder, do i need to rename it or something?

Yes, you just need to duplicate it.  You can call the duplicate folder  
whatever you like.

> Then "On the duplicated tomcat
> directory, you need to edit the server.xml file so that the second
> server.xml as unique ports for the shutdown port, the interface port
> (eg 8080 could become 8081 etc)" and how can i check if i've done this
> correctly? that both instances are running?

Yes.  Check your logs during startup and shutdown also for any  
warnings or port binding issues.

> Thanks for your help...

You're welcome.


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