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From "De Vries, Richard" <>
Subject RE: redirecting stdout & stderr to .exe on windows
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2008 14:40:01 GMT
Hey Chris; thank you for your response.

You do have good suggestions; I'm just not sure whether they are doable
in our environment. I guess I'll have to do a bit more research.

Basically the logger.exe is watching for pre-configured patterns and
shooting off SNMP traps, which then triggers a recovery action of sorts.

Anyway, I appreciate the feedback. And yeah, it's quite sad win32 is not
Unix :(


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Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 9:14 AM
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Subject: Re: redirecting stdout & stderr to .exe on windows

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De Vries, Richard wrote:
| For instance, I changed stdout from "auto" to "|
| c:\progra~1\logger\logger.exe", but this yields a no-go :-(. Checking
| the task manager I also don't see "logger.exe" running.

Sadly, win32 is not UNIX, where this type of thing is usually supported.

I suppose you could log an enhancement bug against Tomcat's Microsoft
Windows service and request that "| logger-program" be supported by the
service, but your only other option is to delve into the depths of
logging configuration in Tomcat and have your logs handled by something
smarter than the default "juli" logging system.

What is it that logger.exe has to do for you that you can't do with an
existing logging system?

If all else fails, you can use log4j (which you'll need to configure) to
log to a remote syslog and then you can use all the cool tools for
working with syslog that you want.

- -chris
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