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From "Philip Wigg" <>
Subject Re: Would like to monitor memory use offline
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2008 14:24:07 GMT

the manager application can return values in XML. You just need to hit:-


or wherever it's located. This makes it a bit easier to write shell
scripts based on Free Heap or Max Threads or whatever. I've got a perl
script which checks whatever values you need and logs them to a .csv
for easy reporting. I'll make it a bit better and post it if anyone
has any interest.

Kind regards,

2008/8/6 Richard S. Huntrods <>:
> To Ben & Mark,
> Thanks for the replies. I've been trying various things based on your
> suggestions. I find my best tool at the moment is "Lambda Probe" - though it
> hasn't been updated in a while, it does show me all the things (for the most
> part) that I wanted to watch.
> There's definitely some kind of problem with the JVM not releasing the "PS
> Old Gen" memory. I can watch as this gets gradually used up until it hits
> the max value - then Tomcat crashes with the GC/Heap error message. If I
> stop and start Tomcat before this limit is reached, the memory use resets to
> 0 and the system does not crash.
> What is puzzling is that this identical system was working for weeks on end
> without a problem under the older versions of Java, Tomcat and Mysql I
> posted in my original post - and with 1/2 the stack. Only when I moved to
> the new servers (with all the new versions) did the GC crashes start.
> Now I'm trying different GC managers to see if one of them "works better" at
> freeing up memory - like maybe the compation parallel GC. We'll see.
> Again, thanks for the relies.
> Cheers,
> -Richard
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