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From Szűcs Attila <>
Subject RE: Image rendering problem in Tomcat 5.5.1
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2008 15:13:06 GMT

   Thanks for your reply. I am not generating the images. They are read from an image folder.
I forgot to mention that the design, when opened outside of tomcat (just the plain html file
with css and images) looks all right, so the css and the html files are good. The other strange
thing is that when I copy the "blurry" html's code and paste it in a plain html and open the
file (without tomcat) everything works fine.
Even if I am opening it through tomcat with IExplorer it looks good. Is it a Firefox bug ?
I don't know....


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Subject: Re: Image rendering problem in Tomcat 5.5.1

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Szűcs Attila wrote:
| However when I am
| putting everything together the images are a little bit larger than
| in the original design. This is a problem because the image contains
| text which becomes blurry, and some spacer  and separator images are
| not shown in the right place.

Are you generating images on the fly and then compressing them yourself
(like actually drawing PNG or JPEG files on the server), or are you just
serving static content?

If you are serving static content, then the problem is likely to be your
HTML or CSS. If you have a 100x100 image, but you tell the client
(browser) that the image should be rendered at 120x120, then you'll get
this blurriness. You can control image rendering sizes using the 'width'
and 'height' attributes of an <img> tag, or with the 'width' and
'height' attributes of a CSS style applied to that tag.

If you are using Firefox as your browser, try using the DOM Inspector to
see what the effective width and height are for your images that look
funny. If you have MSIE, try using something like the IE Developer
Toolbar, which I think has somewhat similar capabilities. If you are
using another browser, I'm not sure what the options are.

| The interesting thing is, that I have copied the original design to
| the tomcat webapps dir (which is not cut into navigations and
| screens, just a html file with css and images) and when I open it
| through tomcat it is shown in the same way (blurry).

Have you ever seen a browser render the images in a non-blurry way?
Perhaps the design itself is flawed.

- -chris
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