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From Markus Schönhaber <>
Subject Re: Unexpected alien number
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2008 16:08:02 GMT
Zico wrote:

> Plus, if you want to check our site; here it is:
> Can you see the *8*?
> What kind of 8 this is? Here, i want to add that, i have searched a lot for
> this alien unexpected 8 in the source code of various pages like,
> index.html, header-default.html, headers-styles.css and so on. But, didn`t
> find anything there.

Looking at the source of the above page one can see the following:

[some empty lines]
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" 

Probably, whatever generates your welcome page prints the '8' even 
before the DTD, or some filter does it, or...

BTW: if you claim that your page is XHTML you should IMO make sure that 
it actually is. It's not only the spurious '8' that breaks XML 


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