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From André Warnier>
Subject request for enlightenment on request.getHeaders()
Date Sat, 09 Aug 2008 11:04:06 GMT

Following another thread with the subject "How to programmatically add 
parameters to ServletRequest objects?", I have a couple follow-up questions.
This is related to a HttpServletRequestWrapper-derived class I wrote for 
a filter.  I would like to make sure of precisely how I have to handle 
the HTTP request headers in my filter.

A-prioris :
- Some HTTP headers may occur several times in an HTTP request.
- According to the HTTP 1.1 RFC, HTTP headers names are 
case-insensitive, and "Accept-charset:", "ACCEPT-CHARSET:", 
"Accept-Charset:" are thus equivalent.

1) The ServletHttpRequest.getHeaderNames() method returns an Enumeration 
(of request header name strings).

Does getHeaderNames() always "fold" equivalent HTTP headers of the same 
name into one single entry, or can it happen that the Enumeration 
contains the same name several times ?

What when there are two request headers with essentially the same name, 
but varying in the "case" of the header name in the original request ?
Does .getHeaderNames() then return one single entry for both of the 
above, or two ? and if only one, which of the above "spellings" would it 
return ?

2) (may overlap the above) Does Tomcat fold the header names internally 
to upper- or lower-case ?

3) the ServletHttpRequest.getHeader(string name) also returns an 
Enumeration (of header string values).
Do .getHeader("abc"), and .getHeader("ABC") always return the same 
Enumeration ?
In other words, is it guaranteed that with one call, the Enumeration 
returned contains all values of all HTTP headers having that name, 
independently of the original header's case and independently of how the 
parameter "name" is passed ?

3) Is the above implementation-dependent (e.g. Tomcat vs Websphere), or 
is it an essential part of the servlet specification, which can be 
relied upon to work under any servlet container ?

Thanks in advance,

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