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From "Richard S. Huntrods" <>
Subject Re: Would like to monitor memory use offline
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2008 21:15:57 GMT
To Ben & Mark,

Thanks for the replies. I've been trying various things based on your 
suggestions. I find my best tool at the moment is "Lambda Probe" - 
though it hasn't been updated in a while, it does show me all the things 
(for the most part) that I wanted to watch.

There's definitely some kind of problem with the JVM not releasing the 
"PS Old Gen" memory. I can watch as this gets gradually used up until it 
hits the max value - then Tomcat crashes with the GC/Heap error message. 
If I stop and start Tomcat before this limit is reached, the memory use 
resets to 0 and the system does not crash.

What is puzzling is that this identical system was working for weeks on 
end without a problem under the older versions of Java, Tomcat and Mysql 
I posted in my original post - and with 1/2 the stack. Only when I moved 
to the new servers (with all the new versions) did the GC crashes start.

Now I'm trying different GC managers to see if one of them "works 
better" at freeing up memory - like maybe the compation parallel GC. 
We'll see.

Again, thanks for the relies.



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