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From Kees Jan Koster <>
Subject Re: Disabling catalina.out log
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2008 18:37:03 GMT
Dear Emerson,

>> Truncating? It should be a rolling file, rolling over daily. You  
>> can just
>> remove the old versions. Is this a stock tomcat, one from the  
>> ports, or
>> maybe a particularly old one?
> catalina.out is set at the
>>> "$CATALINA_BASE"/logs/catalina.out 2>&1 &
> This file is not rateable, as it is jsut a redirection.

You are right. Woops, I thought it was a rotatable file. Maybe I  
restart my Tomcats too often. :)

> We are thinking in moving this redirection to  /dev/null or just
> remove the redirection.
> Is it a sense thing to do?

To get rid of an ever-growing file, yes. However, you have to make  
really sure that you still get all the stack traces and whatnot that  
is in that file, only get them into a rolling file.

Ahhhh. Wait. Now I know why I never run into this. I run my Tomcats in  
screen using " run", so catalina.out is written to the  
console instead of a file. I do get a nice daily log e.g. catalina. 

That would mean it is safe to redirect catalina.out to /dev/null, as  
long as you have the daily logs.

Kees Jan

Human beings make life so interesting. Do you know that in a universe  
so full of wonders,
they have managed to invent boredom. Quite astonishing... -- Terry  

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