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From "Leon Rosenberg" <>
Subject Re: Using tabbed browsers causes session sharing
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2008 23:29:56 GMT
Thats probably because it has nothing to do with tomcat or
sessionmanagement, but has something to do with cookies and browser
AFAIK the only browser which allow theirself to be started in multiple
processes are internet explorer and lynx. And internet explorer only
if you activated a special option (start new window in separate
process was the name in the good old days). The effect of the "one
process" behaviour is:
"one process -> one cookie -> one session".

So what can you do? Basically two things
1) switch off your cookies and let tomcat url rewrite your links.
This is generally a very bad idea, since your users won't be switching
the cookies (unless some stupid admin forces them too, but i
think/hope those specimen became extinct now) and you are
developing/testing not the same thing your users will use.
Also keep in mind that most crawlers can't handle sessionids in urls properly.

2) Use two different browsers.
Now with i think at least 5 classy browsers on the market it should be
easy to find two or three to use simultaneously. On the plus side it
will help you to keep the browser interoperability:

here some browsers to use:
Firefox 2
Firefox 3
Internet Explorer 7
Netscape Navigator 9 (Firefox under the hood)

Not all are available on all platforms, but most are.


On Sat, Aug 16, 2008 at 12:56 AM, André Warnier <> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> shouldn't someone *explain* to the OP why this is happening ?
> I mean, the different bits and pieces are there in different answers, but
> maybe the "big picture" is missing to understand what and why it is
> happening ?
> Not knowing myself the hows and whys of Tomcat's session management, I don't
> feel confident enough to attempt such an explanation on my own.
> Or is it mentioned clearly somewhere in a doc that I missed ?
> I just went through items 1 to 26 of the list in
> and, at first sight, I don't see anything that obviously points to session
> management.
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