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From "Luca Cicale" <>
Subject Re: [programmazione] Struts vs JSF (poll?)
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2008 13:06:49 GMT
keep in mind that JSF is a very powerful framework, but it has also some 
The biggest one is that to work correctly javascript must be enabled on the 
client browser.
So, as first, take care this is a very strict specific.
Where it is possible i like using JSF (sun), otherwise I go with struts.

Using NetBeans and the so called visual JSF (woodstock project) is not 
mandatory to develop a JSF app.
(That is : u can use eclipse :-))

In any case, I suggest to invest in "know how" about the framework u decide 
to deal with. Also if some tools can give the impression everything is 
simple to do, a deep knowledge of the choosen framework is always necessary.


Luca Cicale

From: "Tommy Pham" <>
Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2008 7:03 AM
To: <>
Subject: [programmazione] Struts vs JSF (poll?)

> Hi everyone,
> This maybe out of scope for this list but I wanted to know more about 
> Struts vs JSF other this old article [1].  Which are are deployed mostly 
> on your TC server(s)/cluster(s)?  If any Java developers are on this list, 
> which platform API do you prefer for quick development (to meet deadline), 
> performance, security management (user authentication and level 
> restriction) etc... since both are based on MVC despite their different 
> implementations(?).
> Since there isn't a JSR for Struts, has Struts been around before JCP is 
> formed?  And why is there not a JSR for Struts now (just curious)?
> As for JSF, which implementation is used by/for your app(s)? Sun/NetBeans? 
> Apache's MyFaces? or Others (please list)?  I'm somewhat disappointed 
> Netbeans support for JSF and Struts in that Netbeans bundled libs support 
> used older Apache Commons lib version (even for the current v6.1), 
> although this could be updated but I don't know whether it will break the 
> integration of Netbeans' VWP.  Even the tutorial/trails on NetBeans site 
> regarding Struts (although this can be compensated at Struts' web site) is 
> very limited perhaps because of the (biased?) Struts weak integration to 
> favor or push more on JSF/Visual JSF?
> I need to evaluate my options of API and IDE before I dedicate several 
> projects since the performance of Netbeans is getting worse by every 
> release comparing to Eclipse.  As for server, I've decided already ;)
> TIA,
> Tommy
> [1]
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