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From Tommy Pham <>
Subject Re: removal of product name/version
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2008 00:05:47 GMT
Hi Chris,

--- On Tue, 8/12/08, Christopher Schultz <> wrote:

> Tommy,
> Tommy Pham wrote:
> | I'm looking for a way to remove the product name
> and/or version from
> | the server header and default http errors (without
> defining my own
> | custom error-page).  I know it's possible for apache
> using
> | ServerSignature and ServerTokens, also possible for
> glassfish v2
> | using a jvm option.  I've looked at the
>'s docs and
> | can't seem to find anything close it.  Would someone
> please point me
> | in the right direction?
> If you mean the pages displayed to the client during an
> error condition,
> then you must define your own error-pages. These default
> ones are, IIRC,
> hard-coded into Tomcat.
> - -chris

Thanks all for the reply.  Somehow I missed that attribute.  Looks I'll have to define the
error-pages.  If I specify in the web.xml in the conf folder, does apply to all web apps deployed
for that host/virtual host?  And what happens if certain web apps define their own error-page
in in it's own web.xml?  Does the web app's definition override the host/virtual host's?


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