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From Nicholas Jordan <>
Subject Re-install fails to bring up Tomcat from NetBeans
Date Sat, 02 Aug 2008 22:24:01 GMT

A day or two ago, I started doing some work in Win:C:\Documents and
Settings\All Users\Application Data\CompanyName thinking that because of the
progress I was making on my Servlet that I should go to a folder that would
retire some of the issues I was having because of path-prepended
stringification that I could not gain control of.  ( Shell activity ) The
next time I did a slap-and-run code test for a few changes in throway code,
the call to blew out with an exception: access denied. By now
it is faster for me just to write more code than it is to figure out what is
going on so I move to C:\kyrfotqydlx and do a build and go. 

Access denied.

about eigth pm I start de-installing all the Java and do a bulky download of
the latest NetBeans. 8-AM I run the installer and JDK-6 installer and so on,
I have very carefull deleted all the files and directories where the prior
work was, in including what is said to be disk defragmentation, but the
entire project comes back up almost exactly like I had it. Okay, I know I
have a lot to learn, all I care about is getting rid of the in-ablility to
do file writes because I need to do Global Find/Replace on  ( localhost:{4,}
| ) back and forth doing scratch builds while I get my
Servlet prototyped. the whole ${ .... } syntax is a great idea and on me
scheduled studies, but right now I need to get something going and tracing
throug dis-appearing directory strings is <em> really not what I need </em> 

Okay, fire up NetBeans and launch Tomcat in from the Project build and let
NetBeans and Tomcat do as they see fit. I've been far enough down the the
Highway to Hell to realize that will be the more efficient approach, but the
build-error log ( whichever?... ) shows Tomcat will not let NetBeans
authenticate. After another days work I have opened some message server
stuff or someting in contol panel, taken off as much restrictions as I can
because I am on a dedicated machine and as well put C:\Program
Files\Java\jdk1.6.0\bin\tcnative-1.dll in place as directed by a page I
found in the Tomcat site going through google. I tried yesterday doing
several web.xml things that one is supposed to do, apparently I am not the
only one who has had an error in the general category. My favored editor
will not do UTF-8 so I open one of the xml files in an editor that will,
eventually retiring on a spin because of not knowing which web.xml I was in.

I do an edit on C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache Tomcat

<role rolename="role1"/>
<role rolename="tomcat"/>
<role rolename="manager"/>

<user username="tomcat" password="xdwkbsmiginjug " roles="tomcat"/>
<user username="ide" password="uxflgqldcxyabqaotwi" roles="manager,role1" />

and still clean / build / run fails on passing the build to Tomcat, I cannot
find the logs because of all the code folding, the error log showing in
NetBeans is pretty much locked .. and crammed over to the top left of the
display area. I have continued the day ( today ) without getting significant
work on my primary project because of cannot think of what else to do. I
know this is a verbose message, but all of the shell-hooking by xml has me
totally stuck on what is a very important and central project: I am used to
working on those with tenth of a second responses, according to the xml rfc
the xml is not even supposed to have ( 0x0a | 0x0d ) but every one of the
files does the machine just sort of bloats along and I need to know where to

So I gave as much information as I could, thank you for your time. Will
check back. { pw in post are throwaway }
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