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From Fu-Tung Cheng <>
Subject Re: tomcat instances on different ports running as different users can anyone shutdown?
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2008 19:11:32 GMT
Slackware Linux

> Well, "no way" is a bit strong a statement. For
> example Linux' netfilter 
> provides an owner match for locally generated packets. This
> should be 
> usable to indeed create a per-user restriction of access to
> the shutdown 
> port.
> But since the OP didn't bother to tell us which OS
> he's talking about, I 
> don't know if that's a solution for him.

Good thoughts.  The access is restricted.  The point of the port issue is really just a safeguard
to prevent me from accidentially shutting down the wrong instance.   

> OTOH, if it occurred to me that it might be good to somehow
> restrict the 
> possibility to use Tomcat's shutdown port to stop the
> server, it would 
> probably occur to me that it might be even better to
> rethink whom local 
> login rights should be granted on the machine.

Thanks for the response,



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