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From Ben Stringer <>
Subject Re: Would like to monitor memory use offline
Date Sun, 03 Aug 2008 08:54:38 GMT
On Sat, 2008-08-02 at 19:18 -0700, Richard S. Huntrods wrote:
> SO - my question - is there a relatively easy way to create something 
> (say a servlet) to watch the stack *just like I can do manually using 
> the manager application* but email me when the stack approaches the 
> memory limits?

Hi Richard,

I'd suggest running the tomcat JVM with verbose garbage collection
enabled eg. [1], then monitoring the log produced with a shell script.
This should show you when you are nearing your out of memory limit.

To track down the memory leak, try something like Lambda Probe [2] to
give you an overview of resource consumption and monitor it over time.

Cheers, Ben



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