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Subject configuration resolved
Date Sat, 09 Aug 2008 01:27:18 GMT
The solution to my configuration problems was to backtrack a bit.

I once again loaded my server cert into the default ${user.home}/.keystore.
I then modified my connector to point to the default keystore, provided the connector factory
with the alias for the key that was first created to generate a CSR, and included in the connector
the keyPass value.

Next, when I stopped tomcat, I issued a netstat -a | grep 8443 and found the port still busy.
 It took almost a minute for the port to be released???? This caused me to check ports 8080
and 8005.  Port 8080 was clear but port 8005 also showed a value "TIME_WAIT".  Once the ports
all cleared I restarted Tomcat and Viola! Every thing began to work, birds sang, and sunlight
filled my cubical.  Well anyway I was getting the user's cert passed on the servlet request
as I wanted.

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