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From "Johnny Kewl" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6.0.18 & JavaEE 5/EJB3.0
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2008 11:36:33 GMT

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From: "Tommy Pham" <>
To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
Sent: Monday, August 18, 2008 6:21 AM
Subject: Re: Tomcat 6.0.18 & JavaEE 5/EJB3.0

> --- On Sun, 8/17/08, Johnny Kewl <> wrote:
>> Tommy I actually have my own persist framework... but just
>> having a quick
>> squiz at that, that problem is just a normal Java thing...
>> ie type
>> conversions can be a little tricky...
>> int and Integer are not the same thing in Java...
>> its going to be something like
>> int i = Integer.parseInt(TheThing);
>> I think...
>> same story for long... ie one is a primitive type and one
>> is a class... diff
>> mem structure but Java alsways has a slightly obscure
>> conversion
>> somewhere...
>> Have fun
>> Anyway, just wanted to make sure you knew VWP was there
> Thanks,  because of VWP (with table navigation/pagination and sort 
> features), that's why I stuck with Netbeans for my IDE :D.  Only drawback 
> IMO with Netbeans is lack of various server support like Eclipse.

Yes, you see it in the NB user group as well... people running more than one 
IDE... ie they just there to get at swing tools, or VWP, but they got their 
JBOSS or whatever running in Eclipse, or something else.

I think running more than one IDE is now just a fact of life... and there 
are two definite camps... you want swing, you go NB, you want to dev on 
Android, it only works well in Eclipse... its more about allegiances than 
technology, who's making what, and what tool are they into.
GlassFish is NB... most of the others are Eclipse... TC is pleasantly 

NB is good with TC, but works a little diff to Eclipse...

When it comes to dB tools on the web, I still do it the old way... make the 
site in an HTML editor, do the JSP and use JDBC for the dB... the first time 
is difficult, learning the MVC model in TC... after that I think its much 
.... just check out VWP carefully... its a very heavy application of JSF.. 
and for a large site, it gets slow, very slow.

We use VWP, but we cannibalize it... ie if we need a tree in a web page, we 
use the wizards... then open up the source and just extract the CSS, and 
script ;)
How you use Java tools, is as much a skill as just learning the langauge 
itself... I think ;)

NB 5.5 is a better product for TC dev, than NB 6 is... NB 6 is still very 
very buggy... its got a little too fishy for my liking ;)

Why we only use TC and have put a tremendous amount of investment into 
it.... its a no nonsense light weight container... it does what it does very 
very well.
Master of the WEB and people understand it... as apposed to jack of all 
trades, master of none... there is very little you cant make TC do... the 
way we run TC, eats fish for breakfast ;)

Have fun...
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