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From "Johnny Kewl" <>
Subject Amazing stuff with Tomcat
Date Sun, 10 Aug 2008 01:11:56 GMT
We now doing absolutely incredible stuff with Tomcat... and I just want to 
show you where we at.

For those that dont know... we made Tomcat not only do our web stuff, Tomcat 
is also our application server...
But have a look at this to see just how interesting this has become...

We now make our swing apps "without" libraries ;)
This is our test case...

That test uses Postgres, and H2, and Swing, but the app will work remotely 
on the wire, "without" carrying any libraries ;) A swing app that doesnt 
have to carry libraries is tiny... so we pop them out of browsers, almost 

On a lan, a remote machine that does not have anything but Java on it... 
launches that little application that you see, which then diplays a few 
thousand records from postgres, and carries a local H2 dB, ie it creates an 
embedded dB on the remote clients machine... in 3 seconds...
And little old Tomcat is doing it ;)

Tomcat is the best thing that we ever did ;)
Tomcat can go way beyond a little old web site... we definitely owe the TC 
guys lunch ;) 

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