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From "Johnny Kewl" <>
Subject Re: Amazing stuff with Tomcat
Date Sun, 10 Aug 2008 15:11:30 GMT

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From: "Leon Rosenberg" <>
To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
Sent: Sunday, August 10, 2008 1:31 PM
Subject: Re: Amazing stuff with Tomcat

> Johny,
> mabye I'm missing the point, but it looks like you are reinventing SOAP.
> You do know that CORBA can do this since 20 years, don't you?
> regards
> Leon

There is definitely "a having fun with Tomcat" dimension ;)
A "lets see if TC can do it better" question we answering.
Yes I know about the others, have tried them "all" at some stage.
Theres SOAP, CORBA, RMI, COM, RPC, a million derivatives in EJB, SPRING, GWT 
It even overlaps with FLEX, SOA, WEBSTART, JMS, OSGI...
Looks like the whole world has had a go at it, at sometime ;)

I dont think there is any system that allows one to make a plain old Java 
applications "OUTSIDE" of any container, so a developer works with POJO, not 
the engine, ie there is no RMI, or CORBA, or SOA, or OSGI, or FLEX in their 
code, and then simply by dropping that into TC... they get "all" of the 
We think its the easiest and most powerful system out there.
Would go as far as saying that "nothing" comes close to what TC can now 

We'd have to write a book to compare all these technologies, but its much 
faster than webstart, and easier, and I think if SOAP had to try run every 
Postgres call over a wire, and suck down and install a whole H2 dB, and 
deliver a few thousand recs, one could start it on friday, and take the 
weekend off.
SOAP is actaully patheticly slow.

We are playing, and we get a little excited because TC is kicking butt... we 
challenged the Glassfish guys, wanted to put TC up against it... got no 
reply, probably because this system is already running games on the wire ;)
We think TC is one of the few real technologies to come out of Java... and 
saying "hey look here, TC is not only king of the web, its also king of the 
Java application"... we believe ;)

Regards.... Having fun with TC....

> On Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 3:11 AM, Johnny Kewl <> wrote:
>> We now doing absolutely incredible stuff with Tomcat... and I just want 
>> to
>> show you where we at.
>> For those that dont know... we made Tomcat not only do our web stuff, 
>> Tomcat
>> is also our application server...
>> But have a look at this to see just how interesting this has become...
>> We now make our swing apps "without" libraries ;)
>> This is our test case...
>> That test uses Postgres, and H2, and Swing, but the app will work 
>> remotely
>> on the wire, "without" carrying any libraries ;) A swing app that doesnt
>> have to carry libraries is tiny... so we pop them out of browsers, almost
>> instantly.
>> On a lan, a remote machine that does not have anything but Java on it...
>> launches that little application that you see, which then diplays a few
>> thousand records from postgres, and carries a local H2 dB, ie it creates 
>> an
>> embedded dB on the remote clients machine... in 3 seconds...
>> And little old Tomcat is doing it ;)
>> Tomcat is the best thing that we ever did ;)
>> Tomcat can go way beyond a little old web site... we definitely owe the 
>> TC
>> guys lunch ;)
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