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From J Ilari Moilanen <>
Subject preventing manifest write
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 10:39:28 GMT
I'm currently trying to use a application on a hosting server. Hosting
provider (GoDaddy) does not allow any kind of writing to filesystem except
to /tmp folder. Any other attempt will end in security exception. I'm
currently trying to take Display Tag Library (displaytag) to use.

When I try to use the taglibrary on a jsp page I get
with a message
"access denied (
/web/tomcat/work/hosting/xxxxxx/h/loader/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF write)"

(The "h" in there is the name of my application and "xxxxxx" is my domain
name) So it seems that altough I'm not writing anything to the file system
tomcat is still trying it causing the exception to be thrown. First I
tought that this is an issue with displaytag but after googling around it
seems more likely that Tomcat is the one to "blame" for this. I'm not sure
though. The "loader" part in the filepath leads me think about classloader
or something like that. But why Tomcat (or displaytag for that matter)
would try to write MANIFEST.MF during the execution of the application?!
The war file that is used to deploy the application is deployed correctly
so I don't think the issue here is with the manifest file in it. The
Tomcat's version is 5.0.27 and they are not upgrading it anytime soon.

So any insight on this problem anyone? How to prevent the writing
(remember that I can't make any changes to tomcat configuration or even
read the logs) or do I have to go on living without displaytag? And is the
problem with displaytag or Tomcat?


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