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From "Patrick Markiewicz" <>
Subject Using Tomcat with ISAPI Redirector
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2008 18:27:55 GMT
	I'm using Apache Tomcat/5.5.4 with Plesk 8.2 on a Windows Server
2003 machine.  The isapi redirector program is supposed to allow me to
connect to my server, and redirect my request to Tomcat, if the url
matches a certain pattern.  I have multiple sites configured in IIS,
including: PleskControlPanel and Default Web Site.

Default Web Site was previously configured with a jakarta virtual
directory that allows the isapi redirector to work properly.  When I try
to access, I find the tomcat error:
HTTP Status 404 - /examples/

I configured PleskControlPanel (port 8880, ssl port 8443) to use a
second jakarta virtual directory.  However, when I try to access, I find the tomcat error:
HTTP Status 404 - /jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll

Does anyone know why IIS would be passing the URI:
/jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll to Tomcat at that point?  Is there a way to
configure IIS so that /jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll is resolved properly
(as the filter, not the URI) and so that the next URI delivered to
Tomcat is /examples/ ?


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