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From Ken Bowen <>
Subject Tomcat 6 CometProcessor interface
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2008 01:27:34 GMT
This is a follow up on using Tomcat 6 and the CometProcessor interface:

A.  From Kris Zyp's post on [ 
     with the Tomcat CometProcessor,  connections and threads are  
decoupled, so that
     the number of connections  can can scale independently of the  
number of threads.
     Schmidt/Javaloggy [ 
t92965.html -- 4/5/07] cites tests by
     Filip Hanik scaling from 1000 --> 16,000 connections, but some of  
the comments (#8, MikeP)
     were less than enthusiastic, suggesting that maybe not all 16000  
were properly served.
     That's a year old.  Is there any more up-to-date info available?

     Are there any production examples of the Tomcat 6 comet processor  
scaling  at least this far,
     if not up into the 10's of 1,000's ??

B.  Zyp []  
states "... the difficulty of
     horizontally scaling...  implementing a publish/subscribe type  
Comet mechanism on Tomcat that
     scales efficiently across multiple machines would require  
significant  effort to properly route and
     distribute messages effectively."

     Again, that's a year old What is the status on this?  Our target  
is to run in a cluster.

C.   Besides the chat pseudo-code at 
, are there      other available examples?

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