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From "Adam Gordon" <>
Subject RE: Does mod_jk support chunked encoding?
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2008 13:42:48 GMT
Really?  I mean, we already have mod_jk setup and all, it's just that we zip the files up server
side and when that's all finished, we send the file on down via the response's output stream.
 I tried modifying our servlet last night to construct the ZipOutputStream from the response's
output stream and it worked, only the file we tested it on was only around 600K and I don't
know what the threshold is to trigger chunked encoding.  Unfortunately, everything is over
HTTPS which means I can't use WireShark to look at the HTTP headers to make sure it's actually
using chunked encoding and when I removed the rewrite rule that forced everything over HTTPS,
i.e. do the download over HTTP, the download actually stopped working...

I'll just write a new servlet this morning that's (mostly) independent of our web app and
try again over HTTP with a much larger file.  If it works, fantastic!

Thanks for the response.


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From: Tim Whittington []
Sent: Tue 7/15/2008 6:51 PM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: Does mod_jk support chunked encoding?
mod_jk does chunked encoding on all dynamic responses (e.g. From Tomcat)
that donĀ¹t already have some form of response end set (e.g. A Content-Length
To be accurate I think this is more a function of Apache than mod_jk.
All you should need to do is connect Tomcat to Apache using mod_jk and it
should work out of the box.


From: Adam Gordon <>
Reply-To: Tomcat Users List <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 15:29:02 -0600
To: Tomcat Users List <>
Subject: Does mod_jk support chunked encoding?


We're running Tomcat 5.5.16 behind Apache2 and one functionality of our
web app serves up ZIP files which are created on the fly.

We'd like to implement chunked-encoding to serve up the ZIP file so we
don't have to actually create a temporary file on disk first but also so
that we can immediately begin streaming the content to a user (i.e. a
user doesn't have to wait for the files to be compressed into one
file).  We just can't seem to find any documentation on how to set up
Apache, Tomcat, and mod_jk to support chunked encoding.

Can anyone point us in the right direction?  Thanks.


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