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From "Jonas Wagner" <>
Subject RE: Configuring DataSources using jsp: reload context.xml?
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2008 12:53:09 GMT
Thanks Sameer for your reply!

> That may work for new datasources but could create a problem
> for existing data sources specifically if they are already
> being used and have pooled connections. The existing pooled
> connections may be in use by the applications too.

Since the application connects to its datasources using the
DriverManager class, I cannot use connection pooling. That's one of the
reasons I tried using JNDI for such a long time :-(

> Restarting the tomcat after modifying datasource may be a
> better and simpler option.

I have to restart (at least) the application anyway, because I open
database connections in the init() of my servlet. Restarting Tomcat
should not be necessary when using the DriverManager approach because
Tomcat is not involved in the database connections. Using the JNDI
approach, restarting Tomcat does not apply any changes made to the
datasources (see my previous mails).


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