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From "Jonas Wagner" <>
Subject AW: Configuring DataSources using jsp: reload context.xml?
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 06:30:37 GMT
Thanks Hassan for your question.

> Are these data sources known in advance, or can the configuration
> tool user come up with an arbitrary new one at any time?

These data sources will be known at the time of deployment, but as they
are specific for each customer, I cannot write one META-INF/context.xml
file that will do for everybody. That's why we had the idea of doing a
configuration servlet. This servlet can modify/delete existing data
sources as well as add new ones. The new ones are almost arbitrary,
except that the servlet only allows to choose JDBC drivers that are
installed on the system.

An update on the problem: on my development server (managed by eclipse)
restarting the server _sometimes_ seems to apply the changes. I haven't
found out in which cases exactly. The changes are never applied when I
deploy to a production server using a .war file, though.

I tried adding META-INF/context.xml to <WatchedResource>, but this
doesn't seem to help either.

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