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From Torsten <>
Subject WAR files updates not recognized by Tomcat
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2008 14:46:39 GMT

when deploying a web application as a WAR archive the archive is automatically unpacked to
a directory by tomcat but the WAR file stays as is on the disk. 

When this WAR file is later updated while the tomcat is NOT running tomcat will not notice
the update when it is started afterwards. That is, it will continue to use the files from
the old directory that it created on its own and ignore the new WAR. A possible workaround
is of course to delete the directory (tomcat will automatically unpack the new WAR and restart
the servlet then if it's running, otherwise after it is started). 

Is this a known bug? Or is it possible to make tomcat check its WARs instead?

Thanks a lot in advance! 

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