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From Jordan Michaels <>
Subject Re: Getting OpenBlueDragon and Tomcat to traverse directories
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2008 19:12:13 GMT
Hi Ross,

Alan Williamson, the chair of the OpenBlueDragon Steering Committee has
stated that he will blog about how to set up OpenBD in a way that most
CFML developers are familiar with very soon. (I've been pestering him
about it as well - since I haven't been able to get OpenBD/Tomcat to
work how I want it to either.)

When he does, I will be releasing a Linux installer that should automate
*most* of the installation process. OpenBD users still may have to get
their hands dirty and modify some config files when setting up their
sites, but the basic install should be covered. I'll automate as much as
I can.

The installer will support CentOS to start with and branch out to other
distros as I have time to adapt the installer to them.


Warm regards,
Jordan Michaels
Vivio Technologies
Open BlueDragon Steering Committee
Adobe Solution Provider wrote:
>>> From: []
>>> Subject: RE: Getting OpenBlueDragon and Tomcat to traverse directories
>>> I thought the use of handlers (JKMount and JKUnMount) would
>>> direct the requests properly.
>> I believe that if you're very, very careful, you can get away with it, but
>> your risk factor goes way up.
>>> What if I plan on having only one webapp, OpenBlueDragon?
>> The directory (or war file) that contains the webapp should be named ROOT
>> (case sensitive), and be placed immediately under whatever directory the
>> <Host> appBase attribute points to.  In your case, that would be:
>>   /var/www/html/mysite/ROOT
>> or
>>   /var/www/html/mysite/ROOT.war
> I tried this and it seems to work, kinda.  It forces everything that's
> handled by Tomcat to be rooted at /var/www/html/mysite/ROOT, while
> everything else that's not (HTML, JPEG, etc.) is rooted under
> /var/www/html/mysite.  I wish they could both point to the same directory,
> though.
> Ross
>>  - Chuck
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