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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Context or Mapping problems Apache 2.2 +mod_JK+ Tomcat 5.5
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2008 20:30:27 GMT
kohanm schrieb:
> Hi,
> my case is Case 1:
> can you give me an example for Redirect or RedirectMatch

Simplest case:

Redirect /oldapp http://myserver/newapp

More details at



> thanks,
> MK
>> Caldarale, Charles R schrieb:
>>> From: kohanm [] Subject: Re: Context
>>>> or Mapping problems Apache 2.2 +mod_JK+ Tomcat 5.5
>>>> The webaplication is done now, but my boss asked me to change the
>>>> name of URL webapplication. IF I change the directory name than
>>>> there are many jsp pages with many links  with old name's
>>>> webapplication.
>>> Now the true problem comes out - the webapp name is hardcoded within
>>> the webapp; that's extremely bad practice.  I assume fixing those
>>> won't be an easy task.
>>> In this case, you're stuck with needing to deploy the webapp in the
>>> directory corresponding to the old name; there's no way around that.
>>> You can write a filter or valve in Tomcat that forwards or redirects
>>> all requests for the new name to the old one.  You should also be
>>> able to do that with mod_jk directives, but someone else will have to
>>> help with that.
>> Someone else says:
>> If your webapp sends out responses with absolute URLs containing the wrong
>> application name, then there's no easy solution.
>> Case 1: You only want to make the app reachable under the new name, but you
>> don't care if users switch to the old name sometime during app use.
>> That's easy, simply redirect from the new name to the old name with a
>> Redirect or RedirectMatch in Apache httpd.
>> Case 2: You accept occasional occurence of the old name in THE URLs, but it
>> should be mostly th enew one.
>> Deploy the webapp under the new name as Charles suggested. Add a
>> RewriteRule to Apache httpd to redirect any URL of the from
>> /oldapp/something to /newapp/something. Whenever Users click on an oldapp
>> link, the request will be answered by the redirect and the URLs quickly get
>> replaced by the newapp URLs in the browser window. Caution: there might be
>> problems with redirects and POST requests. All in all that's more a hack.
>> Case 3: The oldapp name is not contained in the body of responses, but only
>> used in redirects coming from the webapp. Then you could try using
>> mod_proxy, which allows to change the Location headers in redirects.
>> Case 4: You don't allow any use of the old name and the old name is
>> contained in links in response bodies.
>> Then you dynamically need to patch the responses. This will be a hack. Have
>> a look at either mod_substitute (httpd 2.2.8 or above, I think) or
>> mod_proxy_html (note: mod_proxy_html != mod_proxy_http).
>> Regards,
>> Rainer

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