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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: TCP/AJP KeepAlive on Tomcat side?
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2008 16:23:57 GMT
Stephanie Wullbieter wrote:
> Hello,
> on mod_jk side one can define keepalive=true for OS TCP KeepAlice Activation for the
(AJP) Connections to the tomcats.
> Is there a possibility to activate tcp or ajp keepalive on the tomcat side?

The term Keepalive has various meanings, depending on the protocol to 
which it gets applied. For upper level protocols it usually means, that 
some sort of established connection gets reused during multiple 
requests. For AJP13 this is automatically the case, no need to configure.

For TCP it does mean "send an empty packet automatically when the 
connection is idle for a long time in order to prevent intermediate 
network components to drop the connection information from their state 
table". Usually this is done with respect to firewalls sitting between 
the two communicating endpoints. In this scenario it is enough, if one 
of the two endpoints activate SO_KEEPALIVE on the socket and thus sends 
the packets. In the mod_jk/Tomcat case, this is done via mod_jk.

Some information is also contained in



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