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From Gabe Wong <>
Subject Re: one webapp, many apache virtualhosts
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2008 23:30:47 GMT
Jordan Michaels wrote:
> Hi Gabe,
> Hmm... you mean add the following outside the VirtualHost directives:
> ProxyPass /
> ProxyPassreverse /
> HostnameLookups Off
> Wouldn't that just serve up the JSP files that are located in the ROOT
> webapp? Maybe I'm confused. Maybe I'm asking the wrong question? I'm not
> sure. =P
> Is there any way that I can have tomcat serve up the JSP files that are
> in each user's public_html directory without having to add <host> and
> <context> tags to the server.xml file each time? That way, all the end
> user has to do is add new <VirtualHost>'s to Apache and not have to
> worry about Tomcat configs?
I see what you are trying to achieve.
Yes you will have to edit the server.xml as you are trying to specify 
contexts off of Tomcat's default directory.

First of all I do not recommend putting Java code in the same 
public_html directory used for processing other resources by Apache.
Apart from being less than elegant, there are some inherent security 
risks involved with this approach.
I am assuming it is a single instance of  Tomcat shared by multiple 
users? That too is probably a security issue
depending on how the SecurityManager is configured.

> Thanks again for the patient reply. I really appreciate it!
> -Jordan
> Gabe Wong wrote:
>> Hi Jordan,
>> You just need to put the proxy directive outside the virtualhost once.
>> So it would be globally available
>> in the Apache config.
>> Regards
>> Jordan Michaels wrote:
>>> Hi Folks,
>>> I have a situation where I want all jsp files on a particular system to
>>> be served up by one context (webapp) in tomcat.
>>> So in apache, I have a virtualhost who's files are stored in
>>> /home/user1/public_html, and another apache virtualhost who's files are
>>> stored in /home/user2/public_html. Is there a way that I can get the jsp
>>> files in both apache VirtualHosts to get processed by the same tomcat
>>> context WITHOUT having to make new <host> entries for each new site?
>>> Basically, the customer wants the freedom to create new web sites using
>>> the control panel software and just have tomcat process the JSP files as
>>> necessary for each site. It would be ideal if they didn't have to modify
>>> tomcat every time they added a new site to their server.
>>> This is probably just my ignorance shining though, but could someone
>>> point me in the right direction on how to set up tomcat to perform in
>>> this way? I'm happy to read documentation  but it looks like there's a
>>> lot that tomcat can do that just isn't necessary here. If I could get
>>> just a little bit of direction on this, I would be in your debt.
>>> Thank you for your help!
>>> -Jordan
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