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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Multiple websites in tomcat
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2008 23:02:07 GMT
Ravi Sharma wrote:
> i dont know why JK.log is saying *no URI mapping found* when we are giving
> JkMount option.
> I have refreshed the logs on log.html page

You know, somehow I still have the impression that we are talking about 
different hosts, or at least that the one mod_jk which is reading the 
JkMount and apparently configuring the URI map correctly, is not the 
same as the one who processes the requests.

I know it sounds crazy, but are you sure that you do not have two 
Apache's running and writing to the same logfiles ?

For instance, in your jk.log logfile, there are messages like :
[Tue Jul 22 16:08:13.755 2008] [28280:3079427792] [debug] 
do_shm_open::jk_shm.c (471): Reseting the shared memory for child 3
[Tue Jul 22 16:08:13.755 2008] [28280:3079427792] [debug] 
do_shm_open_lock::jk_shm.c (262): Duplicated shared memory lock 

I don't have such messages at all in my logfile.

and also, in those messages, this part : [28280:3079427792] seems to 
show various numbers before the ":", which are very separated from one 
another.  I don't really know what they are, but they look like some 
kind of process-id.
On my system (currently very lightly loaded), those numbers are very 
close, like 31013, 31014, 31015, etc..  On yours they look like 19565, 
27912, 28280,..
Maybe it is just because your system is very busy, and generates a lot 
of processes in-between the Apache/mod_jk instances.

But the combination of all of that, plus the problem you have and I do 
not, sound very suspicious.

I have one more suspicion related to the "load-balancing" worker.
Can you re-post the copy of the file that you are 
really using right now ?


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