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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Writing to NFS
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2008 15:31:39 GMT
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Kevin Daly (kedaly) wrote:
| I have a Web Application running on Tomcat that writes to NFS.

Since the same JVM and same standard classes are being used to write to
the file, there should be no difference between your webapp and a
standalone Java app.

| So for example creating the same 1.5K file takes
| 14 msecs to /nfshome/transcripts/tmp.xml
| 19 msecs to /nfshome/transcripts/dialogid/tmp.xml
| 28 msecs to /nfshome/transcripts/sessionid/dialogid/tmp.xml
| 37 msecs to /nfshome/transcripts/sessionid/dialogid/day/tmp.xml

1.5k isn't very big. What if you try writing, say, 1MiB to the same
file. Does the entire file write scale linearly with path length, or
does this just look like noise in your timing data?

| Reason I am posting to tomcat mailer is when I try the above from a
| standalone Java App, I don't see this behaviour - all file writes take
| about 14 msecs. I am running Tomcat Version 5.5.17 - Linux platform.
| Any ideas why the above might be happening.

Something else you might try is putting this code into a
ServletContextListener's contextInitialized() method -- one that will
run before any requests are handled. If the timing is similar to your
standalone Java app, then the problem is likely to be simple thread
scheduling and just a fluke that the timings appear to be related to the
path length.

- -chris
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