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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Multiple websites in tomcat
Date Sat, 19 Jul 2008 19:25:19 GMT
Ravi Sharma wrote:

I'm not as competent as Rainer, but your problem may be here :
> worker.list=wlb,jkstatus,testWorker

and here

> worker.ajp13w.type=ajp13
> worker.ajp13w.port=8009

In other words, in the "workers list", you are mentioning the worker 
"testWorker", but in the following "worker.*" lines, you don't mention 
"testWorker", but "ajp13w".

Maybe you want to change these 3 lines to
and try again ?

Personally, I would also change this :

> <Location "/examples/WEB-INF/">
> AllowOverride None
> deny from all
> </Location>
to this :

<Directory "/var/www/xyz/examples/WEB-INF"> (*)
   Order allow,deny
   deny from all

(*) replace this by the real disk path to WEB-INF

the reason being that, if you are under Windows e.g., someone requesting 
the URI "/examples/web-inf" would get to the directory, because it does 
not match exactly the <Location>, and for Windows the directory path is 
case-insensitive, so Apache will serve it.
See here :

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