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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: tomcat giving a response without parsing the header at all
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2008 11:37:26 GMT
tomcat tom wrote:
> webDAV scenario
> i have to authenticate an incoming url with the "settings" in the access
> control list on the server
> while doing so, i should get an 403 error, because of not having 'write'
> permissions
> so the user authentication happens at the acl itself, before even the header
> parsing happens...
It sounds like there is a logical thinking issue here.

1. Something is sending a request asking Tomcat something.
2. In order to know what is asked, Tomcat has to read and parse the request.
3. Once the request (including the headers) is parsed, *then* Tomcat 
knows that the requester maybe wants to put a file somewhere, via DAV.
4. Only then can Tomcat and DAV look at the target directory and figure 
out that there is no permission to write there (because of ACLs or 
5. Once they have figured that out, then they can send a "permission 
denied" error response.

It would be great if Tomcat and DAV would somehow guess in advance what 
it is you really want, and anticipate a response without even reading 
the question, but that is not how it currently works.  You can always 
file a request to the developers for future enhancements though, maybe 
for Tomcat 7; I'm sure they'll think of something.


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