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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: tomcat, apache with mod_jk and mod_auth_kerb
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2008 08:53:33 GMT
Nikhil schrieb:
> [Tue Jul 15 12:57:40 2008] [20026:0001] [debug] mod_jk.c (607): Service
> protocol=HTTP/1.1 method=GET host=(null) addr= name=
> port=8080 auth=(null) user=(null) laddr=
> --------------
> If noticed, auth=(null) and user=(null) are being set ... but I wonder why?
> Do I have to look somewhere else to make any changes too ?

That means, Apache httpd did not provide any authentication information. 
Looks like your authentication setup doesn't even work inside httpd.

If it does work, the user name should get logged in your access log. 
Usually the default log format for the access log of httpd is "common", 
which contains the authenticated user name in the third column ("%u").

If it isn't shown in the httpd access log, then you need to fix your 
authentication setup in httpd first.



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