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From Piller Sébastien <>
Subject Re: Restart TC with cron/sh
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2008 14:50:10 GMT

Felix Schumacher a écrit :

    Have you transferred the from a windows box? Maybe you have
    dos/windows line breaks, which are CR+LF. Such a combination can kill a
    innocent looking shell script.

thank you, that was exactly what was wrong. I was using CR/LF-windows 
style EOL in my Now it works much more better :)

Andrew Miehs a écrit :
> Either way however, should you be using this tomcat for a 'commercial 
> purpose' running on a '*nix' machine, I can only strongly recommend 
> that you find someone who can administer this machine.
I'm the only one developper... So I've to do everything myself... 
Development, deployment, tuning, profiling, maintenance, customer calls, 
etc... Yes, I'm sometimes "alone in the dark"...

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